plot near ring road Jaipur

Plot Near Ring Road Jaipur

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Plot on Ring Road Jaipur – Check out residential & commercial JDA-approved properties on ring road Jaipur, Hello Guys here we are providing the latest property information in Jaipur, If anyone interested in selling & buys land or a plot on ring road Jaipur, then contact us. we are always available for you.


The ring road is a 150 kilometers, 6-lane ring road encircling the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan There are many places near the ring road, It is best for future investment purposes also as after some time it will give excellent returns on investment. The nearby residential area is also not so crowded but a calm locality similar to the new Delhi ring road, Jaipur is going to have its own ring road.


  All basic facilities like:-


  • Underground Electricity line
  • Solar street lights
  • Sevarage system Water connection
  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • Damar roads
  • Park with open gym
  • Kids play area



  • Ajayrajpura, Abhaypura, Achrawala, Badanpura, Bhatesari, Budthal, Bilwa, Chimanpura, Chak
  • Aamjhar, Dadiya, Dantali, Dayalpura, Hasampura, Hingoniya, Jaisinghpura
  • Buharia, Goner,Goverdhanpura, GwarJatan, Govindpura Ropada, Khedi
  • Gokulpura, Kanadwas, Khatwara, Khetapura, Khori Ropada, Lakhesara,
  • Laxmipura, Nanakpura, Newta, Nanakpura, Mahapura, Manoriawala,
  • MaanpurBhatawala, Muhana, Maanpura, Nangyla, Rampura bas Goner,
  • Ranipura, Ratalya, Siroli, Sitarampura, Shivdaspura, Shrirampura, Surajpura
  • Shivdaspura, Shyampura Buharia, Prahladpura, Peepla, Pipla BharatSingh,
  • Rampura bas Goner Mahapura road, Narayan block, Jaisingh pura.

The presence of schools, colleges, and medical facilities close by, is fast and upcoming.

“Futuristic” infrastructure – and higher appreciation potential.


Ring road there is a location advantage near the ring road.


Proposed East-West Bus Rapid Transport Service (BRTS) from Ajmer Road to Delhi Road Proposed Ring Road connecting Ajmer Road and Tonk Road was inaugurated by Union Road Minister Nitin Gadkari. It will further connect Ajmer Road, Tonk, and Agra road.


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